♥ Chestnuts in June – Acrylic Painting by Wendy-lee Pinas

Chestnuts in June

Chestnuts in June - Acrylic Painting by Wendy-lee Pinas-cut2-2 (Middel)

Title: Chestnuts in June
Description: An expression of thoughts.
When I started painting this I didn’t really have anything in mind so I desided to make an “I’ll see what comes out” painting and it reminded me a bit of a chestnut. Last Saturday when I was at a mall I suddenly noticed that the trees in the parking lot where stuffed with chestnuts (chestnuts again) and beech nuts and was thinking “huh in June”? I recalled that when I was a child I was always looking for nuts in fall and that it just turned summer now. Hence the name. The water refers to the autumnal weather and the thunderstorms we are having here in the Netherlands right now and to how nature seems a bit confused nowadays. But the rings are steady, like planets orbitting the sun, all playing a part in natures circle. If one gets changes it will affect the others.
Material: Parlemour Acrylic paint on canvas
Artist: Wendy-lee Pinas © Soulvisiondesigns
Date:  7 – 9 June 2019
Category:  Intuitive, fantasy, abstract, nature,
Theme: Part of a series: 
Technique: 3D, brushes and fingers
Framed: Yes
Dimensions: Height 40 cm, Wide 50 cm, Depth 1 cm
Weight: Light <1kg

Permalink: https://wp.me/p5v2u3-Ym

Overview of My Latest Art Works: https://wp.me/p5v2u3-aG
Website: www.soulvisiondesigns.nl | WLP-Art



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