♥ Under the Milkyway – Acrylic Painting by Wendy-lee Pinas

Under the Milkyway 

Under the Milkyway - Acrylic Painting by Wendy-lee Pinas

Title: Under the Milkyway
Description: My midnight sky view in summer.
I love to sleep under the stars and to observe the nightsky from my balcony on hot summer nights. The Milkyway then is right over my head with constellation Cygnus the Swan clearly visible as a cross in the sky, close to Lyra the Lyre, followed by the constellations Vulpecula the Fox, Delphinus the Dolphin, Sagitta the Arrow, Aquila the Eagle, Ophiuchus the Serpent Bearer and Serpens the Serpent. Every constellation has it’s own myth. I’ve painted the ones that are most visible to me from that angle.
Mars (my birthplanet) comes rising up from just above the horizon following Pluto, Saturnus and Jupiter on a path from the south to the west.
Material: Acrylic & Parlemour acrylic paint on canvas
(ps. i didn’t manage to photograph the painting as it is, in reality the colors are much brighter and the blue has bright cyan accents. Also the parlemour glow isn’t visible in the picture.)
Artist: Wendy-lee Pinas © Soulvisiondesigns
Date:  11 –  15 June 2019
Category: Nightsky, Milkyway, constellations, astronomy, nature,
Theme: Part of a series:
Technique: 3D, brushes and fingers
Framed: Yes
Dimensions: Height 40 cm, Wide 50 cm, Depth 1 cm
Weight: Light <1kg

Permalink: https://wp.me/p5v2u3-Ze

Overview of My Latest Art Works: https://wp.me/p5v2u3-aG
Website: www.soulvisiondesigns.nl | WLP-Art 


ps. If you love stargazing, this map shows where you can still find dark spots or spots with less light pollution to clearly see the milkyway in all it’s glory, and this guide shows you around the constellations 🙂



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