♥ A Moment in Time – Acrylic Painting by Wendy-lee Pinas

A Moment in Time

Title: A Moment in Time
Description: Counting Blessings. My son when he was younger 🥰 ♥
Material: Acrylic paint on canvas
Artist: Wendy-lee Pinas © Soulvisiondesigns
Date:  27 -31 May 2021
Category:  Portrait, Practice, Love, Life, Family, Counting Blessings, Memories
Theme: Memories
Part of a series:
Technique:  3D glazing with brushes
Framed: Yes
Dimensions: Height 50 cm, Wide 40 cm, Depth 1 cm 
Weight: Light <1kg

Permalink: https://wp.me/p5v2u3-1fv

Overview of My Latest Art Works: https://wp.me/p5v2u3-aG
Website: www.soulvisiondesigns.nl | WLP-Art


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