♥ Do More Of What Makes You Happy!

♥ Do more of what makes you happy!
Happiness is an inside job, it’s about how much we enjoy 🙂

I love to see the sun rise and set, to watch the moon and stars, to spend time in nature and embrace it’s peace and beauty, to smell it and make a perfume, to see life through my camera and capture the moments, to feel the emotions in a song and sing along, to fantasize and make a new painting, to learn and experience new things, to reflect and see how blessed i am .. The art of simplicity ♥♥​

(Wendy-lee Pinas)

http://www.soulvisiondesigns.nl | Bucketlist Idea’s https://bucketlist.org/list/Soulvision/

♥ Latest Art Works by Wendy-lee Pinas | Soulvisiondesigns.nl

Wendy-lee Pinas is a self-taught painting artist from the Netherlands, who got inspired in 2016 to start painting. Her inspiration comes from everything within and around her. She loves to capture ambiences and to transform emotions and visions into happy, positive and colorful imaginations, often using bright and intense color combinations, and sometimes accompanied by a poem. Welcome to her world.

You can also visit her website Soulvisiondesigns.nl and on WLP Soulvisiondesigns Art Gallery or follow her on Facebook  and Twitter  because there’s more to come … 🙂

♥ Beautiful Paintings by Leonid Afremov

Last night i was surfing on the internet, looking for inspiring paintings about perfume for an idea i’m working on related to my perfume blog, when my eyes fell on a painting named ‘Alley by the Lake’ by Leonid Afremov and i immediately fell in love with it! I definitely wanted to see more of this artist and was lucky to find many more of his paintings and love about all of them.

Many of his paintings capture the beautiful colors and scenery’s of fall. Colorful leafs, rainy days, romantic couples and solely people, peacefully walking in nature or in often quiet and abandoned streets or lanes, giving a nostalgic feeling.

I am definitely a fan and just couldn’t resist to share some! 🙂