♥ The Moon Last Night

I love shooting pictures of the moon stars and planets, so i was all set and ready for the longest Full Moon Eclipse of this century last night. 
Unfortunately it was too cloudy where i live during most of the event but i’ve managed to capture some great pictures of the last part (and also many after). 

I hope you enjoy the pictures 🙂


♥ Do More Of What Makes You Happy!

♥ Do more of what makes you happy!
Happiness is an inside job, it’s about how much we enjoy 🙂

I love to see the sun rise and set, to watch the moon and stars, to spend time in nature and embrace it’s peace and beauty, to smell it and make a perfume, to see life through my camera and capture the moments, to feel the emotions in a song and sing along, to fantasize and make a new painting, to learn and experience new things, to reflect and see how blessed i am .. The art of simplicity ♥♥​

(Wendy-lee Pinas)

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