♥ Serendipity – The Melody of Life – Acrylic Painting by Wendy-lee Pinas

Seeing life as a zebra crossing makes it easier to reach your destination, but experiencing the colors surrounding you makes it beautiful to live (WLP ©)


♥ Trapped by the Past – Acrylic Painting by Wendy-lee Pinas

About a man who lost his heart in the past and turned into stone and can’t seem to get beyond his own shadow to find it back. He continued his life without his heart and now lives alone in theory, ruled and rationalized by his alter ego, until he breaks free to find it ♥
This painting is a visualization of a poem i once wrote, named ‘Mr Intentional Lives in Theory’ (included)

♥ Rainy Days – Acrylic Palette Knife Painting by Wendy-lee Pinas

My first painting fully painted with a palette knife and the first painting of a series ‘The Psychology Behind A Little Red Car ‘.

Do you know the phenomenon when for example you wanna buy a red car and suddenly it’s like you see them everywhere? Focus multiplies. Same goes up for positivity and negativity, which is the psychology behind the little red car in this series. So be aware of where you focus up on! This painting is named ‘Rainy Days’ with a little red car to the rescue 🙂